My hats
That’s right, i also make hats. I sew them with rests of fabric, so everyone looks different. Every hat is unique. I only make these hats as an order, never stored.

  • Price: One hat is 17 €  + 1,50 € shipping in germany (ask me about shipping prices in your country).
  • Ordering: If you want to get a hat, measure your head and send me an email with your name, adress and phone-number. As you can see in the gallery, i also do special wishes. Tags, badges, you name it. You can also send me a patch you want to have on it.
  • Fabrics: If you just give me your size, you will get a colourful surprise-hat. However, you can also tell me your favourite colours or which colours you do not like. You can even drop by and check out the fabrics i got.
  • Time: It takes me about 5 hrs to make a hat. How much time i need de facto varies. It depends on my leisure my personal condition and several more factors. But i can give you a prognosis and will tell you if it takes much longer.
  • Payment: I will give you my bank data, when i send it. I also like to take cash.
  • Deadline: Due to some people not willing to pay, i was forced to set deadlines. Who has not paid after two weeks, without agreement, will pay additional 2 € per week. It is possible, that we settle an agreement, if you want to pay later but i do not guarantee for that.

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