Actually there are no frequently asked questions at all, since people do not ask me anything about my website stuff. So here are mainly questions i want to be asked and which are answered here preemptively

Did you really do the whole shit on your own? photos, comics and everything?

Yup. Everything

Are there comicbooks from you available?

Yes, this is more or less under maintenance. Give me a message via Contact with the right subject.

I got a website/Blog/whatever and i would like to show one of your comics on it, would that be ok?

Generally yes, as long as i am shown as the creator and my website is linked. Also i like to be asked. If you don’t ask and show one of my works on your website it is copyright infringement and i can sue you.

I did not get that one comic.

That happens. No, i won’t explain it. Jokes tend to die by explanation and that’s nothing i would want.

I would like to meet you in person.

You mean you found my website without knowing me personally? Splendid! I want to get in touch as well!

How did you do your website?

Wordpress. Nothing special. I will make a proper template some time.

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