Did you really do the whole shit on your own? photos, comics and everything?

Yup. Unless otherwise stated, i created everything

Are there comicbooks from you available?

No, at least not by a vendor. I have printed some books for an exhibition, those could be bought.

I would like to show one of your comics on my website / share it on my social media account, would that be ok?

Generally yes, as long as i am shown as the creator and my website is linked. Also i like to be asked. If you don’t ask and show one of my works on your website it is copyright infringement and i can sue you.

what do you use for drawing and editing?

Ich habe diverse Stifte ausprobiert:

  • Tombow Monoball II Lange Zeit mein Hauptzeichenstift
  • edding 1077 war auch nicht schlecht
  • Micron: War mir etwas zu kratzig
  • Molotov Blackliner: Habe ich Ende 2021 entdeckt und bin davon ganz angetan. Ich nutze die Stärken 1.0, 0.4 und 0.2

Software: Gimp.

Als Schriftart benutze ich GorriSans von Jesús Gorriti.

I did not get that one comic.

That happens. No, i won’t explain it. Jokes tend to die by explanation and that’s nothing i would want.

How do you get your ideas for your comics?

That is a rhetorical question, right?

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