23.02. 2019 – Kongo


„Kongo says: The wrapping is the present and the present is the wrapping“
The original drawing was a birthday present for a friend. It was wrapped in two small reusable bags i sewed myself. Which should about explain the joke.

15.12. 2018 – Sind Jesus Freaks eigentlich Insekten?


I made these drawings for a sticker for the Jesus Freaks. The text is a pun about Jesus Freaks being in cults ( = in Sekten, Sekte = cult) or insects (Insekten = insects).

Katheter Illustration


For the issue „Lebensstark“ of the magazine Korrekte Bande i was given the interesting task of making illustrations for an article about MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I was asked to depict the catheterisation with a male.


Not correct: (Fingers touching the tube, which is meant to be sterile)

20.04. 2018 – Iron Gods – Skizze


„Iron Gods“ is the name of a D&D campaign a friend of mine takes part in. You can listen to it here.