23. 11. 2010


  1. Someone once said: You’d be surprised at how big comics are drawn! (no idea who that was)
  2. Concerning webcomics i’m rather surprised about the low size: 574 x 227 px? For three panels?!
  3. I was advised to draw bigger: DIN A4! – Sure why not! (Fuck, so much white .. can’t control this space..)
  4. By now i draw on DIN A4 but in DIN A5 size – At least
  5. Flix has a rather small pattern – but i guess it’s “only” for his comic diary
  6. I guess he draws his “real” comics way bigger *exaggerate*
  7. Of course, you have to be able to scan it..
  8. Thus, DIN A4 is the max. But it depends on how it is used


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